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100% Isolate

48,36 € 48,36 € / kg
48,36 € 48,36 € / kg

The 100% Isolate is a milk protein, directly from French cow's milk, which has undergone micro and ultra cold filtration .

100% Isolate is a fast protein , which means it is almost instantly available to your muscles. Taken after physical effort, it allows the muscles to have everything they need to rebuild themselves, become stronger and increase your muscle mass .

100% Isolate is an extremely pure source of protein due to its filtration. It has 90.5% protein . In addition to being very rich in protein, it is low in carbohydrates and lipids . In addition, 100% Isolate is so low in lactose that it is perfectly digestible , even for people with intolerance.

  • Around 36g of protein per 40g intake

  • Extremely low in lactose

  • French cow's milk

  • Guaranteed GMO-free, aspartame-free, no added sugar


Ingredients: whey isolate (WPI), food flavor, sucralose

Average analysis for 100 g of whey: 364 Kcal; 1543 Kd;

Protein: 90.5g; Carbohydrates: 1.5g; Lipids: 1.5g; Minerals: 4.5g; Sodium: 425mg

Aminogram for 100 g of whey:

Aspartic Acid: 10800mg; Threonine: 6800mg; Glutamic Acid: 17800mg; Valine: 5700mg; Proline: 4900mg; Glycine: 1400mg; Alanine: 4600mg; Isoleucine: 6400mg; Leucine: 10300mg; Tyrosine: 3000mg; Phenylalanine: 3100mg; Methionine: 2200mg; Cystine: 2,500 mg; Lysine: 9500mg; Serine: 4300mg; Histidine: 1700mg; Arginine: 2200mg; Tryptophan: 1800mg

Directions for use: Mix 40 g of powder (approximately 2 measuring spoons) with 250ml of milk or water. You can take several doses per day depending on your diet and the sport you practice.

Allergen information: Product developed and packaged in a laboratory that uses various protein sources (milk, egg, soy, pea, bovine collagen) and oat flour.

Store away from heat and humidity and should not replace a varied diet. For your health, it is advisable to drink around 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.